Are you an industry supply chain/logistics manager who needs to organize and streamline your shipping processes for temperature-controlled samples and products, in the US and around the world? Are you a business development executive in the life sciences services industry looking to improve your company’s position in offering temperature-controlled technology and services to biopharma? For both of you—and many others—the 2020 Biopharma Cold Chain Sourcebook will be an invaluable resource. Based on detailed analysis of rapidly changing regulatory practices around the world, and the growth of clinical and commercial shipping volumes worldwide, the temperature-controlled delivery market is one of the most dynamic fields in life sciences today. Click on “Introduction” below to get our overview of the 2020 edition of the Sourcebook, and click on “Table of Contents” to review the chapter-by-chapter details of this 205-page report.

CC Sourcebook Intro
CC Sourcebook Table of Contents

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