Pharmaceutical Commerce - September/October 2017

Clearing the path by understanding the obstacles: The 2017 Sharing Conference

September 08, 2017

The Sharing Conference returns to Baltimore in 2017

Patient data saves lives

September 07, 2017

MDM’s growing role in running healthcare businesses

September 07, 2017

The pharma industry has a growing number of dependencies on reliable master data

The power of strategic data standardization

September 07, 2017

Global efforts to collect clinical data in a more standardized form will lead to more research innovation

2017 Cold Chain Outlook

September 07, 2017

“Cold chain” now means cryogenic and ambient shipping, as well as the traditional 2–8° range

Cold Chain 2017 Directory

September 07, 2017

Is the opioid crisis a national emergency?

September 07, 2017

Commission issues interim report with numerous calls to action, while manufacturers and distributors contend with multiple DEA penalties

LogiPharma meeting highlights digital transformation

September 07, 2017

Supply chain leaders gather in Philadelphia in October

‘Right to try’ programs see renewed legislative attention

September 07, 2017

PDUFA reauthorization creates new pathways; GAO report notes FDA’s 99% acceptance rate for expanded access

HDA’s fourth international conference heads to Geneva

September 07, 2017

Global supply chain issues in distribution bring senior execs together

Change is a constant for sales incentive planning

September 07, 2017

Sales Compensation Solutions, a new book from ZS Associates, outlines problems and solutions

New approaches to specialty distribution

September 07, 2017

A direct-distribution model could save expense for payers and patients while providing better service

ODA-designation application to approval in 19 days for Curtana Pharmaceuticals

August 28, 2017

Company is targeting a treatment for glioblastoma; Phase I to begin next year

Post-approval trials of new drugs are showing limited clinical value

August 17, 2017

Is the accelerated-approval process providing a net benefit to patients?

CVS readies a set of outcomes-based contracts for its clients

August 11, 2017

Oncology, obesity control and respiratory therapy are the first targets