Access Insights 2023: Bill Roth Offers Insights for Chief Commercial Officers Planning a Profitable 3-5 Year Lifecycle


Blue Fin Group executive highlights how leaders can plan for immediate profitable lifecycles and beyond.

In an interview with Pharmaceutical Commerce Editor Nicholas Saraceno, Bill Roth, SVP, Managing Partner, Blue Fin Group, discusses steps to be taken by chief commercial offers in planning for a profitable lifecycle.

Roth: The first thing you have to do is think about three things: What product archetype am I working in? What therapeutic area am I in? What drug class am I in? From there, you really ask if your therapy is novel in an unmet need area or is it a commodity. So, if you're launching a cell and gene therapy, oncology, or even in a multiple sclerosis area, it's all very different. Launching in GenMed right now is a tough one. You're looking at 60% rebates to the PBM and double digit figures to the wholesaler for distribution. By the time you stack everything on, it's hard to make money.

The hard part for chief commercial officers is how different the game is now. It's even more different than it was five years ago. Things we used to view in absolutes are not the case anymore. It's not showing up yet in the data but it is diversified.

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