Access Insights 2023: Bill Roth Provides an Overview of his Keynote Speech, Fight for the Dollar


SVP and Managing Director for Blue Fin Group offers a synopsis of the conference opener.

In an interview with Pharmaceutical Commerce Editor Nicholas Saraceno, Bill Roth, SVP, Managing Partner, Blue Fin Group, speaks on key takeaways from his "Fight for the Dollar" keynote speech.

Roth: The keynote was a culmination of a story that I've been working on all year long. We've always heard about the flow of the dollar. I'm getting quite tired of that one graphic that represents how brands flow. There's nine other flows. What became obvious to us over the last year and a half was this concept of the fight for the dollar. No one is really laying back and allowing the channels to basically use the manufacturers. Between 340B, the removal of the AmCap, and the addition of the IRA, price increases as we know it have been abolished. If you do it moving forward, you're going to wind up regretting the actions. The way that I open it up, I ask this question: If you put a dollar bill equidistant in a four way intersection and you put a payer pharmacy/distributor equal to that and a gun goes off, who gets to the dollar bill first and why? Traditionally, the answer has been not the manufacturer. The fight for who gets that money has created awkwardness and I think the ability to talk about that in front of a group like this is great because we're putting a problem on the table that we all need to solve.

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