Achieving Cell and Gene Therapy Commercial Excellence


There is no question about the incredible clinical impact cell and gene therapies (CGTs) can have on the lives of patients. However, this impact is the result of innovation that does not equate to a simple, straightforward commercialization process. The commercialization and management requirements of these treatments are just as complex as their innovative science.

Commercialization of cell and gene therapies is significantly more challenging compared to traditional biopharma products.​ Faruk Abdullah, Head of U.S. Consulting, EVERSANA™ MANAGEMENT CONSULTING and Maria Kirsch, General Manager, Patient Services share insight on building the future commercialization model designed specifically for CGTs, including:

  • Key differences between CGTs and traditional therapies
  • Ideas, tactics and techniques needed to address CGTs' unique challenges
  • Navigating the healthcare ecosystem requires a deep level of interaction and coordination with supply chain, hospital operations, nurses and other key stakeholders
  • The need to not only showcase the product value proposition, but also train on the therapy’s MOA, administration and usage

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