AeroSafe Global expands its product line


A20 product line is designed for lower-cost, less demanding shipping conditions

In the world of cold-chain packaging, AeroSafe Global is best known for its high-performance insulated containers employing proprietary vacuum insulated panels, rated at R50 in insulating performance. The units’ quality and cost make them well suited for a reuse program, and in the past year the company has promoted the concept of “cold chain as a service,” leaving the commissioning and return of the units in AeroSafe’s hands, rather than selling them to clients outright.

aerosafe a20

Now, in an effort to broaden its offerings for less demanding applications, the company has launched the A20 line of single-use containers. According to the company, the units are rated for shipping durations of 24-48 hours, and are qualified according to ISTA 7D standards in summer and winter profiles. The containers’ design minimizes componentry, allowing for easy pack-out, while providing reliable service for temperature-sensitive shipments.

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