Aggregation in pharma: A must have for supply chain traceability


Millions of units leave manufacturing locations each day. Effective aggregation optimizes operations across the pharmaceutical supply chain. It enables true traceability by making it easier and more efficient to document and share your product data with downstream partners. This ebook details the benefits of aggregation and the three keys to long-term success.

In today’s pharma supply chain, optimizing the flow of physical products is essential to ensure product safety, regulatory compliance and supply chain optimization. When done right, effective aggregation delivers the necessary data along with the products to facilitate a compliant and efficient supply chain.

Access best practices to select and design an effective aggregation strategy that works seamlessly with your growing business—and keeps the supply chain flowing. Download your free copy of this ebook today to learn:

  • How aggregation works—"The Power of One Scan"
  • Why aggregation is critical to data integrity
  • The three main stages of aggregation
  • The key to long-term success
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