Aktana, Envision Pharma Group Collaborate on Improving Medical Affairs Efforts


HCP-driven partnership calls for greater engagement across the life science sector

Aktana, a software company specializing in intelligent customer engagement for the life sciences, and Envision Pharma Group, a scientific communications company, have reached an agreement that helps provide a more agile and value-driven omnichannel approach for increased engagement across the sector.

Due to information overwhelm and decreasing HCP access, medical affairs organizations may not have the right tools to navigate the challenges that can arise. According to the parties, today’s HCPs expect medical science liaisons (MSLs) to operate with a holistic view of their engagement with the product.

Envision and Aktana will provide medical affairs teams with streamlined, tailored solutions that incorporate Envision’s knowledge and Aktana’s intelligence platform, which is powered by integrated data sources and learns from prior interactions.

“Like us, Aktana has a long history of helping life sciences companies of all sizes break down data silos, connect internal teams, and generate insights to improve interactions with HCPs,” says Paul Archer, Envision’s chief commercial officer. “Together, we will focus on guiding medical affairs teams to build, deploy, and refine their omnichannel strategies so MSLs can deliver value to HCPs when they need it most for improved patient outcomes. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Aktana, as we take the next steps towards our combined vision for a powerful solution that incorporates all touchpoints across the HCP journey.”

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