AmerisourceBergen’s World Courier Adds RTLM to All Packages


Real-time location monitoring solution allows increased visibility into the precise location of shipments in transit globally.

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AmerisourceBergen’s World Courier, a global specialty logistics provider, announced it will deploy a real-time location monitoring (RTLM) solution on all of its multi-use packages, with the goal of increased visibility into the precise location of shipments in transit globally.

The RTLM solution, developed by Controlant, will be integrated with World Courier’s transport and inventory management systems, resulting in a flow of data across all platforms. With enhanced end-to-end visibility, the operations team can anticipate and identify potential risks and then take corrective measures to enable timely and secure deliveries. The technology will be added to the packaging solutions in a phased rollout through August.

“Advances in digital technology continue to unlock new ways to manage and monitor the shipment of pharmaceutical products,” said Simon Brinckmann, Senior Director of Business Excellence & Innovation at World Courier, in a press release. “Technology that provides reliable, real-time monitoring data is an increasingly important part of an effective logistics operation, particularly because the products we are handling today are more complex and sensitive.”

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