Antares Vision Boosts Global Tracking System Software


GTS improvements include additional data integrity protection, greater Level 1 and 2 equipment compatibility

Antares Vision (AV) Group, a provider of track-and-trace systems for several fields including the life sciences, has made various improvements to its Global Tracking System (GTS) software. Among the upgrades, the new version features tightened data integrity protection (DIP), and reportedly, more easily integrates with off-brand Levels 1 & 2 serialization equipment.

According to the company, its Global Tracking System is at the center of various products comprising the company’s track-and-trace solutions portfolio. Operating on a server, its primary function is to allocate work orders to production lines. Once production begins, AV Group GTS receives data from all lines, along with statistics, serialized codes and audit trails. This information is stored in the site database, where is accessible through the GTS User Interface.

By being able to operate both on-premises and via the cloud, the system manages product recipes, associates printing layouts and integrates camera formats based on specific products. It oversees serialization rules in accordance with current global regulations (sequential, alpha-numeric, random, etc.). It also can store multiple recipes per production line, which AV Group says is a plus for companies serving countries that may have different track-and-trace regulations.

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