As demand for temperature-controlled shipping marches on, American Airlines virtually doubles cold-chain capacity


After extensive testing of packaging, American Airlines Cargo expands pharma service capabilities

American Airlines Cargo will now be transporting more temperature-controlled shipments, after determining that its entire mainline fleet provides ideal conditions for cold-chain transport.

This expansion follows a number of tests and trials conducted in partnership with CSafe Global and CargoSense. With the help of CSafe Global's packaging and temperature loggers provided by CargoSense, American proved that all of its aircraft offer ideal environments for passive temperature-sensitive shipments. For the trials, the companies placed sensors into passive cold-chain packaging. The sensors kept track of internal package temperatures, while the planes operated in various climates. Results determined that temperatures of each package stayed constant, despite changing conditions during transit.

The successful trials allow American to nearly double its capacity for handling ExpediteTC solutions and extend the airline's cold-chain solution network to 30 new stations, including in-demand cities such as Cincinnati, Memphis and Pittsburgh. American's ExpediteTC programs provides active and passive shipping solutions, along with a global network of temperature-controlled facilities, including a 25,000-square-foot center in Philadelphia that specializes in pharmaceuticals.

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