At annual leadership meeting, HDMA bestows Nexus and DIANA awards


David Moody of Mutual Wholesale Drug Co. wins individual recognition; Depomed and Forest Pharmaceuticals the manufacturer awards

At its annual HDMA Business and Leadership Conference (Phoenix, June 1-4), the Healthcare Distribution Management Assn. presented its Nexus Award, for individual lifetime achievement, and the Distribution Industry Awards for Notable Achievements in Healthcare (DIANA) Awards. The Nexus winner is David Moody, RPh, CEO of Mutual Wholesale Drug Co. (Durham, NC), who began working in a local pharmacy during high school, and eventually rose to CEO of Mutual. He has been the chairman of the HDMA board in recent years.

The DIANA Awards recognize overall manufacturer excellence in supply chain innovation, and trade relations; awards are also bestowed for new product introductions, and for “manufacturer partner of the year" for manufacturers supporting HDMA activities. The DIANA Awards for overall excellence went to Depomed, Inc. (sales under $50 million) and Forest Pharmaceuticals (sales over $50 million). Best product introductions were Eisai, for Belviq (lorcaserin) and Citron Pharma for duloxetine (generic). The award for a manufacturer-partners went to Mylan, Inc. (>$50 million) and Upsher-Smith Laboratories (<$50 million).

Becton Dickinson was also recognized at the meeting with the AmeriCares Power of Partnership Award; AmeriCares is the global health and disaster-relief non-profit.

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