BDI Pharma deepens investment in specialty distribution


Expanded cold-chain storage, more office space is driven by 40% business growth

BDI Pharma says that it has tripled its cold-storage capacity with a new refrigeration unit, thereby tripling its cold-storage capacity. The company has also opened additional office space in the Columbia, SC industrial park where it is headquartered.

"The addition of new cold space was vital for the continued growth of the company and further indicates a strong commitment from ownership to continue investing in the rapid growth of BDI Pharma,”" said Manuel Martinez, VP of operations for BDI Pharma. "Along with BDI's sustained growth, recent contract wins utilizing our alternative distribution program, Linear B Exchange, have dictated the further expansion of our frozen storage capabilities." Linear B Exchange is a method of pricing distribution services on a per-unit basis, and with a range of complementary services from BDI like contract sales and market-access programs priced separately. BDI presents this as an alternative to conventional distribution services, usually based on wholesale acquisition cost (WAC), as being better tailored to the needs of specialty pharma.

"We were fortunate to be able to acquire a second building within walking distance of our headquarters allowing us to grow our business and expand our corporate campus without any interruption in service," stated Richard Gaton, co-president of BDI Pharma. "We had a banner year in 2013 with revenue growth of nearly 40% compared to fiscal year 2012. The additional office space will enable BDI to sustain the continued growth trend as we approach our twentieth anniversary."

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