Biocair Partners with Trakcel on CGT Supply Chain Visibility


Software company’s branded orchestration platform helps to track chain of identity and chain of custody.

Virus that infects DNA molecule. Infection that creates genetic mutation. Bacteria near genetic chains. Genetic disease due to pathogenic viruses. Dangerous infection in human body. 3d rendering. Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/Grispb

Biocair, a good distribution practice (GDP) logistics specialist, has partnered with TrakCel, a software company, by integrating their systems with OCELLOS to improve customer service, automation, and visibility in the cell and gene therapy (CGT) supply chain.

OCELLOS by TrakCel is an advanced therapy orchestration platform designed to manage and streamline the cell, gene, and immunotherapy supply chain. The platform tracks both chain of identity and chain of custody to support the scalability of cell and gene therapy development. This allows stakeholders to have full visibility of orders in transit.

The system integration is a two-way relationship. OCELLOS will “speak” to Biocair to ask for updates and distribute them accordingly to those who need them, while Biocair will also receive orders directly from the system.

“Biocair has always been customer focused, but this is even more important in the cell and gene sector,” says Chris Good, director of CGT Logistics at Biocair, comments. We want to give our customers full visibility and integration within the complex cell and gene therapy supply chain, which is why partnering with TrakCel is essential to providing health care professionals and patients peace of mind that their life-changing medicines will reach them in a timely and safe manner.”

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