Cap-label combination protects syringe integrity


Label design provides tamper evidence

The Cap-Lock from Schreiner MediPharm is designed to seal prefilled, luer-lock syringes with a cap adapter, along with a label that is attached to both the cap and the syringe. A perforation along the label breaks when the cap is unscrewed, providing tamper evidence that the seal has been broken.

The label and cap components can be applied to syringes in a conventional production setting, according to the manufacturer. Compared to shrink-wrap solutions, the application process requires no heat, making Cap-Lock also suitable for sensitive substances. The label can be provided with additional functionalities such as counterfeit-proof features, detachable documentation labels or light protection. The solution is adaptable to many commonly used syringe sizes, and both the label and adapter can be customized for color and design.

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