Carrier Pods to help tackle Covid-19 vaccine storage demands


SeaCube acquisition adds technology to its container fleet

SeaCube Containers LLC acquired 200 Carrier Pods monitored by Sensitech to help combat the projected need for refrigerated storage capacity and cargo visibility in support of Covid-19 vaccine distribution.

Carrier Pods temporary storage unit. Credit: Carrier Transicold

As previously reported by Pharmaceutical Commerce, the systems offer deep-frozen container refrigeration with telematics, data analytics and most recently, remote cargo monitoring capabilities. Both Carrier and Sensitech are part of Carrier Global Corp., which offers building and cold chain solutions.

With Carrier Pods monitored by Sensitech, container refrigeration units deliver temperature control within +/- 0.25 ºC (32.45 ºF, 31.55 ºF) and temperatures down to -40 ºC (-40 ºF), while their monitoring devices are able to track readings down to dry ice conditions of -95 ºC (-139 ºF). Sensitech noted the devices’ simple mobility, which allows them to easily relocate, whether it be to meet changing capacity demands or go to temporary vaccine administration locations.

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