Cold Chain Technologies offers a patient-transport product container


Family of GTS Carry Packs handles drugs that patients self-administer

The “last mile” in pharma deliveries is usually considered to be from a warehouse to the pharmacy where it is dispensed to patients. But what about after that?—especially for products that patients self-administer while traveling themselves, or that call for storage in, say, a home refrigerator. The diabetes community is accustomed to convenience packages to carry a few insulin doses with them, but many of these packages are not designed to meet specific industry standards.

To address these and related concerns, Cool Chain Technologies (Holliston, MA) has introduced a line of products, the KoolTemp GTS Carry Packs, available in three sizes and with standard or advanced design features. Interior volumes range from 0.02 to 0.15 cu.ft.; all are rated for 2-8°C service, for up to 10 hours of thermal protection. The package’s refrigerant can be conditioned in a home refrigerator. “The advanced version specifically protects the product from low temperature shock making it easy to achieve an error‐free pack‐out. That is the difficult thing to protect against — thermal shock,” states TJ Rizzo, VP of sales and marketing.

The company notes that another potential use of the packages is for reps who are hand-carrying samples to physicians’ offices.

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