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Pharmaceutical CommercePharmaceutical Commerce - June 2024
Volume 19
Issue 3

Beneath all the “organized chaos,” industry shows such as LogiPharma Europe spotlight the valuable opportunity offered by these events to further educate our most valuable asset: our readers.

Nicholas Saraceno

Nicholas Saraceno

My column in our last issue was focused largely on setting the stage for Pharma Commerce’s coverage and experience at LogiPharma Europe in mid-April—and I am happy to report that the show was officially a success. In my opinion, our “Conference Connect” this month, along with May’s Cold Chain Solutions supplement, do a stellar job at capturing the essence of the conference’s offerings, alongside the editorial content gathered by our publication.

When I spoke to Will Robinson, LogiPharma’s commercial director, about future plans for the show—including if it will continue to be held in Lyon, France, and if there were any talks of switching venues—he noted that “We're definitely here next year; we'll be here for the 25th anniversary."

Robinson continued: "We don't see any reason to change it. [Centre de Congrès de Lyon] is on a high-speed rail line, which is certainly where we're trying to drive as many of our attendees to be using. The venue's great. ...For the vast majority of those who attend, it is actually quite easy to get to. It’s a bit of a break from the office—it takes you away. It puts you in a different headspace. It makes you engaged in the event for two or three or four days, or however long you're here. I think we're going to stick here for at least the next couple of years.”

I can only imagine the hype that is expected to surround next year’s milestone show, especially with 70% of exhibition booths already being booked.

Perhaps the limited availability should come as no surprise, given the invaluable benefit that events like these offer. I thoroughly enjoy the “organized chaos” that they present, and from an editorial perspective, they always serve as a great reminder that content continues to be king. Particularly actionable content. Whether in the form of articles, Q&As, podcasts, videos, you name it, shows such as LogiPharma Europe spotlight the valuable opportunity to leverage and expand one's Rolodex of KOLs in the industry to further educate our most valuable asset—our readers—and to help them make sound and informed decisions in their daily practice.

Nicholas Saraceno is Pharmaceutical Commerce's Editor. He can be reached at [email protected].

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