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Pharmaceutical CommercePharmaceutical Commerce - November/December 2009

Derycz Scientific announced deal with Cubist Pharmaceuticals for medical literature access

Although the Internet has made published content vastly more accessible and usable, there is still the not-so-small matter of obtaining reprint rights and dealing with the variety of contractural terms that publishers might impose. On the publisher side, access to the market is constrained by having a network that can tap into archived published material.

Enter Derycz Scientific (Santa Monica, CA), which has been working for several years on software and services to streamline the process of obtaining copyrighted material, and the permissions needed to redistribute it, either electronically or on paper. For biopharma companies, Derycz offers a “literature workflow solution” that can provide researchers access to scientific literature; at the same time, its tools help manage the distribution of, say, an important new clinical trial report to the sales and marketing team of the biopharma company.

Recently, Dercyz’ subsidiary, Reprints Desk, Inc. entered into a collaboration with Quosa Inc. (Waltham, MA), another literature-workflow solutions provider, to provide its services to Cubist Pharmaceuticals (Lexington, MA). Peter Dercyz, president, says that the agreement will save Cubist money on reprint rights, as well as speed up delivery of content to the company.

Dercyz Scientific has consolidated rights-access for a number of publishers, most recently the American Institute of Physics, the British Medical Journal Group, the American Academy of Family Physicians, IOS Press and Annual Reviews. Each of these has lists of peer-reviewed journals used by researchers. Dercyz Scientific’s tools include the Mighty Linkout Machine for content access, and Reprints NRx for bulk reprinting of medical/scientific literature.

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