Cost Plus Drug Company, RxPreferred Collaborate on Healthcare Accessibility


Partnership aims to lower prescription drug costs and increase price transparency

RxPreferred Benefits, a pharmacy benefit administrator, and Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs are partnering up, with a focus on improving healthcare access and lowering drug spend. Per the deal, employers and their members using RxPreferred for their pharmacy benefit will have access to all medications available through Cost Plus Drugs within their benefits package. There are also plans in the works to expand this offering along with local independent pharmacies.

Under this partnership, RxPreferred and Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company will combine employer-sponsored benefits with the option to use Cost Plus Drugs as part of their plan, which prior to this, was only offered to individuals outside of their insurance package. Cost Plus Drugs makes all drugs and pricing publicly available, giving everyone the opportunity to make informed decisions about their healthcare needs.

"Our partnership with RxPreferred is another step in the direction of bringing transparency to healthcare and lowering drug costs for individuals and families across the country," says Mark Cuban, Cost Plus Drug co-founder. "We are excited to work with a like-minded company that aligns with our goals and puts improving access to affordable prescriptions first."

Read more about the partnership here.

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