Cryoport and Kryosphere link up; Gentris expands biorepository capacity

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Companies broaden their cold-chain shipping and storage capabilities

As clinical trials involving more biospecimens increase, and as more temperature-sensitive biologics become the heart of new clinical trials, the volume and scope of activity around these processes also grow. In light of this, it makes sense that, according to recent announcements, Kryosphere (Research Triangle Park, NC), a biorepository and materials management organization, is partnering with Cryoport, Inc. (Lake Forest, CA), developers of the Cryoport Express LN2 shipper, and related logistics-management services. “This collaborative opportunity will help unite a ‘critical link’ in global cold chain logistics and biobanking for the life science community,” said A. Neil Jones, VP of Kryosphere.


Meanwhile, Gentris Corp. is in the process of tripling the available capacity for clinical sample biorepository at its Morrisville, NC headquarters. The company puts an emphasis on clinical work involving pharmacogenomics, and the biomarker-driven therapeutic science arising from that.

"We anticipate an increased need for biorepository and pharmacogenomics testing services as pharmaceutical companies invest in personalized medicine," said Scott Clark, Gentris Chief Scientific Officer. "The recent expansion will enable us to continue providing high quality solutions to our clients as well as to host training and education programs focused on maximizing the benefits of integrating pharmacogenomics and biobanking into clinical trials."