CSafe introduces a multi-pallet cold-chain container


RAP unit adds to vendor choices for air cargo containers

For several years now, the availability of high-volume air-cargo containers has been limited to Envirotainer and DoKaSch, with the former's RAP e2 unit and the latter's OptiCooler, which can carry 4-5 pallets in wide-belly aircraft. Now, they are getting competition from CSafe, which has announced FAA and European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA) approval of its RAP unit, along with a carrier agreement with Virgin Air Cargo. (“RAP” is an aircraft industry designation of a refrigerated unit-load device for cargo; the more widely available RKN designation is a single-pallet-sized unit.)

CSafe’s unit is described as having a payload volume of 6.68 cu. m. (236 cu. ft.), battery run time of 100 hours, and capable of maintaining constant payload temperature in ambient conditions between -30 and +54°C. Like the RKN units, it has self-contained refrigeration and heating systems. To minimize container weight, the unit’s walls are constructed of an aramid-fiber composite. Insulation is provided by CSafe’s branded ThermoCor vacuum-insulated panels.

CSafe and Virgin Air Cargo have announced that the unit is rated for use on Virgin’s network, which comprises 11 US destinations, India, China, the Middle East and Africa, and a connection with the Virgin Australia network. Additional airline agreements are expected.

CSafe also recently announced a new service center in Chicago to service its active and passive units, which are periodically drawn out of distribution for preventive maintenance and refurbishment.

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