CSafe targets last-mile temperature-controlled delivery


AcuTemp Courier container line is expanded

CSafe Global is expanding their AcuTemp line of passive shipping containers, which carry the AcuTemp PX Courier brandname: 3-liter, 6-liter and 12-liter. (AcuTemp and CSafe merged last fall.) Some 10,000 1-liter units are currently in use by medical professionals, first responders and life-sciences logistics providers, according to the Dayton, OH firm. The units come essentially pre-built; there is little bench time in preparing them to hold a shipment. Selection of the coolant pack (based on a phase-change material) determines the temperature range (2-8° or 2-25°C); a frozen temperature-range pack is being developed. The new units are also supplied with padded straps, soft sides and backstraps for attachment to a rolling cart.

Brian Kohr, CSafe president, explains: “It was a natural, organic step for us to extend the Courier product range with larger containers, optimal mobility and extended temperature and duration options because we knew that our customers wanted greater flexibility combined with AcuTemp’s reliability for their last mile deliveries.”

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