Tapping script performance to aid in healthcare outreach


New platform can reportedly integrate up-to-date pharmacy claims data to potentially boost and adjust live marketing campaigns

DeepIntent, a marketing technology company in the healthcare industry, has launched DeepIntent Outcomes, which the company says improves script lift attributed to digital advertising with the use of real-world clinical data. Built into its healthcare demand side platform (DSP), DeepIntent Outcomes enables marketers to measure and automatically improve live campaigns based on script performance from pharmacy claims data that is constantly refreshed, according to the company. 

“Healthcare marketers need to go beyond ad exposure when raising awareness about health issues, and, in particular, rare diseases,” said Jennifer Werther, DeepIntent’s chief strategy officer. “With DeepIntent Outcomes, marketers will optimize patient and healthcare provider campaigns based on prescribing behaviors using the industry’s fastest pharmaceutical data refresh. This stands in contrast to legacy solutions that require weeks or months to report insights, minimizing the usefulness of the data to guide optimizations that lead to stronger ROI.”

DeepIntent Outcomes helps healthcare marketers by overcoming common challenges in today’s environment, which can include data silos, the use of different platforms and delayed reporting.

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