Deloitte’s ConvergeHealth announces a new patient-centered IT platform


Updates its Patient Connect platform with new interactive capabilities

Offering to “empower more use cases” in healthcare delivery and clinical research, according to Chris Zant, chief digital officer for ConvergeHealth, Deloitte is introducing the MyPath platform in two versions, MyPath for Health and MyPath for Connected Care. ConvergeHealth was launched up by Deloitte in 2014 to develop software, built primarily on the cloud-based platform, to manage patient interactions; since then, according to Zant, it has been implemented by numerous health systems and at least 20 top biopharma companies. Over 1.5 million patients are being connected to providers by ConvergeHealth software.

There are two key upgrades with the MyPath platforms: providing more centralized management of patient permissions and patient privacy—including compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); and better connectivity with devices, ranging from patient therapies such as inhalers, to devices used in clinical trials. Potentially, MyPath “provides insights to the patient’s offline experiences,” says Zant.

ConvergeHealth’s software is in use by a number of patient support providers, notably Cardinal Health’s Specialty Solutions business. In turn, most of Cardinal Health’s competitors in outsourced hubs and patient support have IT platforms to provide this patient connectivity.

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