Diagnostics company offers reimbursement guidance along with genetic testing for cancer biomarkers


MolecularHealth's RxAssistance evaluates patient access to commercial therapeutics and clinical trials

It sounds a little gimmicky, but there is real science and informatics behind a new service from MolecularHealth (Woodlands, TX) called RxAssistance. MolecularHealth has already commercialized TreatmentMAP, what it claims to be the largest single panel genetic test, looking for over 500 genetic markers in a patient’s tumor. Until now, the physician ordering the $5,000 test would receive an “actionable” report summarizing the genetic findings, and recommending up to three treatment options, based on efficacy and safety, according to Laura Housman, chief commercial officer at the firm.

Now, in addition to the treatment recommendations, the report will include an up-to-date assessment of the patient’s options for reimbursement, including pre-authorization details, step therapies and the like. Gathering such information in the fast-moving oncology field is a challenge by itself, but Housman says that the company has a team including Certified Professional Coders (a professional certification sponsored by an organization known as AAPC) to perform the analysis. Yet another level of service is created by providing guidance on relevant clinical trials that patients might be enrolled in, based on their genetic profile.

“We saw an unmet customer need, specifically that it has been left to the physician’s office to determine whether or not treatments would be paid for on behalf of patients. The problem is, a typical oncologist might see a dozen patients in a day, so their offices simply don’t have the capacity to handle this time-intensive process,” said Housman, in a statement.

TreatmentMAP was introduced to the US market this spring; the actual genetic screening is done at a CLIA-certifled lab in the Woodlands. The company is headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, where it has also commercialized the test. Housman adds that the company is looking to partner with biopharma drug developers, especially for collaborating on drug discovery, drug repositioning and combination therapies.

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