Egnyte Announces Document Certification Service Using Blockchain Technology

Published on: 

Egnyte (Mountain View, CA) has announced a new document stamping service to certify and authenticate documents, files, reports, and content stored within the Egnyte repository.

The service allows for a permanent, time-stamped record to be created on the public blockchain with cryptographic proofs for documents, creating a digital record of authorship and allowing any authorized party to inspect and validate the document as it is certified without implicitly trusting vendor statements.

Greg Neustetter, Egnyte‘s vice president of product, commented: “We are seeing customers who need to validate their documents for drug trials and companies working on large infrastructure projects that need to make traceable processes. Adding document stamping to the Egnyte platform enables companies of any size to solve these problems without understanding the complexities of blockchain.”


Egnyte is currently launching a pilot program for life science customers to stamp audit reports, providing authenticity and integrity within their GxP-compliant domains.