Envirotainer adds four new RAP e2 stations in the US


The strategy is to expand cold chain capabilities to meet the upcoming demand in the wake of Covid-19

Envirotainer, a global provider of temperature-controlled air freight equipment and technology for pharmaceuticals, is increasing its RAP e2 network capacity in the US by 57 percent.

The four new RAP e2 stations in New York, Miami, Philadelphia and Seattle will increase the capacity to securely ship both Covid-19 vaccines as well as all other medicines that require high-quality temperature-controlled packaging solutions.


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The move will help bring the active temperature-controlled unit closer to the manufacturing hubs of the company’s pharmaceutical customers, according to Eddy Cojulun, chief sales officer at Envirotainer.

"In light of upcoming Covid-19 vaccine shipments and the expected demand surge that it will bring, having the right solution readily available will significantly reduce the time-to-market for these life-saving vaccines once they are ready for global distribution," Cojulun said.

Envirotainer's strategy is to expand capabilities across the globe to meet the upcoming demand. In addition, the company says it will be positioned to handle other forthcoming temperature-sensitive shipments that require a 2-8°C or -20°C controlled environment.

The company has been expanding its commercial offerings in the US over the past decade investing in both service delivery and operational capabilities, with a focus on an agile network model. The addition of JFK, MIA, PHL and SEA will bring the total number of RAP e2 stations for the mainland US to 11 along with one in Puerto Rico.

The other RAP e2 stations are located in northern New Jersey, Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Juan.

Envirotainer provides a total of 41 RAP e2 stations across the world, servicing cold-chain requirements. The four new US stations are commercially ready to receive bookings starting this week, according to the company.

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