Envirotainer’s Air Freight Container Awarded Multiple Swedish Patents


Include frost protection, air flow to protect pharmaceuticals

Envirotainer, a provider of secure cold-chain solutions for the air transportation of pharmaceuticals, has been granted seven patents by the Swedish Patent Authority, with a further two pending. These recognize the high standard of technical innovation in the development of Releye, which comes in large RLP and RAP sizes.

Among the patents is Releye frost protection. Accumulation of ice in a temperature-controlled unit can reduce efficiency or even lead to failure, resulting in temperature deviations and the loss of pharmaceuticals. The implications for patients can be disastrous, while costing pharmaceutical firms financially and reputationally. The frost protection reduces humidity in the container, along with any potential for ice on the cooling system. For instance, this feature can be beneficial for shipments traveling to the tropics, where humidity can be high and infrastructure lacking.

A design allowing air flow in walls was also granted a patent. This distributes cooling evenly throughout the container, providing an even climate without hot or cold spots that could damage highly sensitive pharmaceuticals. It also means pallets can be loaded against walls without restricting airflow, which maximizes the volume of pharmaceuticals a container can carry.

“ … The patents officially recognize our innovation and illustrate the technical lengths we’ll go to when striving to keep temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals safe while transporting them efficiently, sustainably, and effectively,” says Dan Matttson, Envirotainer’s head of technical product management.

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