European pharma logistics providers organize an association


Will represent industry's interests to pan-European governments and regulators

Details remain sketchy as the organization appears to be slowly drawing itself into shape, but eight leading European healthcare logistics companies have united to form the European Association for Logistics and Transport in Healthcare (EALTH). The founding members are: Alloga (a unit of Alliance Boots); Cemelog; CSP; DHL Supply Chain; Eurotranspharma; FM Health (which has a logistics business unit, Aexxdis); Trans-o-Flex Thermomed; and Van Rooijen Logistiek. The president is Jean-Francois Fusco of Aexxdis, and the VP is Eddy De Vita of DHL.

The stated purpose of the group is to "increase awareness of the know-how and promote the expertise of the professionals involved in the supply chain of pharmaceuticals among policymakers and health public and private sectors," according to a statement posted by Cemelog. In a DHL press release, De Vita said EALTH "represents the first not-for-profit European association for logistics and transport in the healthcare sector," and for DHL, will help "the aim of sharing best distribution practice, in particular by improving security in the healthcare supply chain all over Europe."

Collectively, the eight members serve 20 countries. EALTH's address is Venue Louise, 149/24 1050 Brussels; no telephone or website has been listed as yet.

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