Get a flash reading of physician sentiment with COVIDPulse


Trinity Life Sciences offers a way to measure changing physician practices during the pandemic

Called a “stakeholder insight assessment tool,” COVIDPulse is a way for pharma companies to assess both current conditions and physician sentiments at practice offices for patient volume, changing functions like telehealth, and sought-for support from pharma manufacturers. The surveys, which involve 50-100 physicians from panels to which Trinity has access, can get results in a week or so, and can be tailored to physician specialty, product or disease indication. In addition to the US, it is also available for Europe and Japan.

“Now more than ever, life sciences companies need to understand how Covid-19 has affected healthcare providers, physician practices and patients,” said Dave Fitzhenry, CEO, Trinity Life Sciences. “COVIDPulse allows pharma companies to assess how physicians are coping with treating patients during the pandemic and how they, as the manufacturer of critical drugs and treatments, need to provide support.”

The general approach to these flash surveys could address:

• What impact has the pandemic had on patient volume? Are physicians treating any new patients?

• How has Covid-19 impacted prescribing patterns and compliance?

• What has been the impact, if any, in getting access to treatment and insurance approval?

• How are patients being treated (onsite or via telemedicine)?

• How are patient infusions being managed? What has been the impact on buy-and-bill?

• What are physicians’ biggest current unmet needs? What are their concerns? How can manufacturers better support them?

In addition, the surveys can be customized, paired with other Trinity Life Sciences research offerings, or conducted on a longitudinal (i.e., changes over time) basis.

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