HDA offers recruiting/placement assistance for cargo security professionals


Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition (PCSC) adds to its advisory services

PCSC, which was folded into the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) a couple years ago, has been informally networking pharma supply chain managers, freight-forwarding executives and law enforcement (among other specialists) for years now, through a daily newsletter and annual conference. Now, according to Chuck Forsaith, HDA VP and PCSC founder, the group is formalizing its services for publicizing openings among employers, as well as job-search support for candidates.

“There has been an uptick in creating/staffing dedicated supply-chain security positions within a number of both pharma companies and logistics providers,” says Forsaith. “A reasonable conclusion as to that rise relates to how complex supply chains have become—particularly during recent Covid issues.”

The service is free for qualified job candidates, and is available for fairly nominal fees for employers seeking to structure their supply-chain security staffs and recruitment announcements. For more information, visit www.hdapcsc.org.

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