HealthPrize touts its success with 'gamification' in adherence programs


Company uses online media to promote fill rates by over 50%

HealthPrize Technologies (Norwalk, CT), one of a handful of companies looking to establish better patient interactions with adherence programs through behavioral economics—i.e., providing rewards for desired behaviors. In practice, the programs use “gamification,” turning the serious matters of therapeutic programs, adherence and medical education into a pleasant game where patients are rewarded for taking quizzes, reading downloaded information, or simply logging into a patient education site. HealthPrize has arranged a variety of rewards programs, ranging from online shopping malls to gift cards to loyalty points that can be contributed to charities, as incentives. And, as patients need to opt in to the programs, healthcare providers and pharma marketers have a precise means of tracking patient behaviors, from refill rates to healthy outcomes.

According to data just released by the company, patient refill rates jump by upwards of 54% of patients opting into the programs. Tom Kottler, CEO, says that nine programs have been sponsored by pharma companies since startup, signing on over 20,000 patients for such therapy areas as diabetes, acne medications, asthma and other chronic conditions. The company has also deployed its software-as-a-service platform on Facebook and LinkedIn, seeing usage rates comparable, in some cases, to consumer use of those platforms.

“We make a big deal of providing patients lots of control and choice in how they engage with these programs,” says Kottler. “Patients are accustomed to getting lots of instructions in therapy; then having lots of choices as consumers. This platform enables consumer choice within healthcare, as something that can actually be fun for them to engage in.”

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