IAG Cargo, Kuehne-Nagel showcase new cold-chain capabilities


British Air Cargo and Iberia Air Cargo combine to form IAG Cargo

The recent IQPC Cold Chain & Temperature Management Global Forum (Chicago, Sept. 24-28) demonstrated that growing volumes of life sciences products (commercial deliveries, clinical trial materials and medical devices) requiring temperature-controlled shipment are attracting more and more vendors to the market. The event was something of a coming-out party for two new international logistics services: PharmaChain from Kuehne+Nagel (Basel, Switzerland), and IAG Cargo Constant Climate, the expansion of British Airways’ existing service into its merger with Cargo Iberia. IAG Cargo, the name of the combined company, now has hubs in London and Madrid, and will have approximately 21 facilities of Iberia, worldwide, staffed and trained for its Constant Climate service, added to 74 existing BA Constant Climate stations.

Kuehne+Nagel, which provides international cold chain services by contract with air carriers (rather than its own fleet) has built up a network of over 60 KN PharmaChain stations within its global logistics network; the company says that it has committed over $20 million and 12,000 man-hours of training, besides building out facilities and IT systems. A component of PharmaChain is what Kuehne+Nagel calls KoolZones, which provide dedicated refrigerated storage capacity for frozen, refrigerated and controlled room-temperature conditions. All this is backed up with a tracking system, including wireless technology, for shipment monitoring.

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