Inmar Rebrands Reverse-Logistics and Related Business Units

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Pharmaceutical Commerce, Pharmaceutical Commerce - January/February 2009,

Unified corporate image emphasizes supply chain services

Now comprising eight business units that have grown or were acquired in the past several years, Inmar has developed a unified corporate image and logo. Pharma industry execs concerned with product returns and reverse logistics know the CLS and Medturn units best; others are CMS, Carolina Services, CSCS, VSI, Winston Data and Stratapult. These divisions provide marketing and supply-chain services such as supply chain consulting, coupon processing, warehousing, asset recovery, counterfeit and diverted product recovery, among others. CLS Medturn offers healthcare-products recalls management tailored for manufacturers, wholesalers and institutions, and related services.


The new circular logo is meant to symbolize continuous business improvement as well as risk reduction and revenue recovery in the overall supply chain, according to Joe O’Donnell, Inmar CEO. PC