Integrichain adds more managed services to its commercialization IT business


Acquisition of Cumberland Life Sciences boosts its client base and range of services

Now calling itself “the industry’s most comprehensive and scalable data and business-process platform for commercialization and market access of cell and gene therapy, specialty, and retail pharmaceuticals” (whew!), Integrichain is acquiring the Life Sciences Division of Cumberland. Both companies are privately held; no purchase price was announced. For (parent) Cumberland, the sale allows it to concentrate on its payer and provider services. For Integrichain, the purchase greatly expands the managed services and systems integration work it can do for the life sciences industry.

Integrichain’s software foundational product, iCyte, has been used to manage trade channels, inventories and contracts in commercial pharma. In recent years, the company has added software, data and consulting services for government pricing, gross-to-net analysis, market access and related services. The entire leadership and all employees of the Life Sciences Div. of Cumberland have joined IntegriChain, creating a global workforce that spans more than 350 professionals, including 120 dedicated contract operations and finance specialists and 80 advisory and systems integration consultants, says the firm.

“Our two organizations have collectively supported 71% of pharma launches in the last two years, including 35 first launches,” said Jeff Lee, former managing partner at Cumberland and now IntegriChain SVP of Account Management and Sales, who adds that, going forward, the combination will provide benefits for both emerging companies and established ones. “The combination of IntegriChain’s organizational depth and Cumberland Life Science’s expertise with enterprise revenue management systems places us in an unmatched position to power the industry’s migration to revenue management cloud solutions and targeted outsourcing of access operations.”

Mention of “revenue management” brings up a topic that relatively few IT companies serving life sciences focus on; one of its main proponents is Model N, and it so happens that Cumberland has been a key partner of that firm. Will that change? “The partnership that Cumberland Life Sciences has cultivated with Model N is important to our long-term plans of the combined company,” says Kevin Leininger, Integrichain CEO. “We are already working with Model N to expand and deepen this relationship as it is a strategically important driver of growth for our systems integration and managed services business to top-tier life sciences manufacturers.”

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