IntegriChain opens up a forum for life-sciences revenue analytics

Article invites trade and channel execs to participate

When Integrichain acquired DaVIZta last spring, it also picked up an initiative that that organization had started, the Revenue Analytics Collaborative, for life sciences execs involved in such issues as gross-to-net (GTN) analysis and revenue management. Now, IntegriChain is restarting that collaborative as an online forum and user conference,, and opening up its membership to trade and channel execs in addition to the revenue analysts. The signup is free—but don’t jump in if you are not an exec at a life sciences company; wholesalers, PBMs and others need not apply. On the other hand, you don’t have to be an IntegriChain client, although the company undoubtedly will use the forum to tout its iCyte platform for revenue analytics.

Given the intense debate going on over drug pricing and drug reimbursement, in Washington and elsewhere, the group’s activities will surely be lively. currently comprises 800 industry colleagues involved in government programs, commercial contracting, GTN and trade/channel, representing more than 225 life sciences manufacturers. “Together, RAC members are a powerful collective force of knowledge to help navigate today’s complex industry challenges including regulatory changes, forecasting, scenario planning, contract management and analytics, and we are thrilled to see more Trade and Channel professionals join our collaborative to network and share,” says Jennifer Sharpe, executive advisor for the group.

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