Integrichain updates its channel-data information services for mobile access


More engagement with pharma financial, marketing and supply-chain teams calls for easier access, says the company

“Channel data”—the information on how product inventories are maintained at wholesalers, retailers and elsewhere—used to be the exclusive purview of trade relations managers at pharma companies. But as the drive toward better market signal sensing, lower inventory levels and better forecasting has been accepted by the pharma industry, these data are of value to more parts of the companies. Through use of electronic data interchange (EDI), it is now possible to get an accurate fix of product movement on a daily basis, at least for major products being handled by the bigger wholesalers and retailers.

Now, Integrichain (Princeton, NJ), one of the leading providers of these data to manufacturers, has announced an upgrade of its information services to put both channel data, and customized data reports or dashboards, on executives’ mobile phones or other mobile devices. A “risk-based authentication” process speeds online access. At the same time, it has developed a number of enhancements of its services, the better to perform demand sensing (which, in turn, can be aligned with marketing activities as they occur in near real-time), according to Joshua Halpern, EVP and co-founder of the company.

The company’s information services, collectively called simply Integrichain Cloud, include:

  • Demand visibility
  • Scorecard
  • Signals
  • Order planning
  • Order management.

“Channel data is being recognized as a core asset at pharma companies, affecting gross-to-net calculations, supply chain activity and related functions,” concludes Halpern.

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