Intelsius introduces temperature-controlled packaging with a nominal 170-hour range


Branded as Orca 2.0, the line features advanced phase-change material and proprietary software design

Called Orca 2.0, the new packaging line combines corrugated cartons (with a volume capacity of 4.4 to 25.8 liters) with proprietary designs for insulation panels and phase-change materials (PCM) based on an Intelsius modeling program branded as Atmos. Atmos is said to compute thermal performance, while factoring in external conditions, with better than 90% accuracy. The PCM is branded as Plantol; in combination with the package design, the system provides up to 170 hours of temperature control (at 2-8°C), thereby giving up to 7 days of temperature stability, which in turn give shippers extended flexibility in managing their transportation processes.

Intelsius (York, England; US HQ in Indianapolis) is a subsidiary of DGP Co. and has offices in Europe, the US and Asia. The new product line was announced at IQPC Cool Chain Logistics Europe (Basel; Jan. 28-30).

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