InVita Healthcare Technologies Launches Counterfeit Drug Testing Software


In an effort to strengthen supply chain, unnamed pharma company to use chain of custody application to combat an illegal global market worth up to $200 billion annually.

InVita Healthcare Technologies, a provider of software solutions, has launched a branded software solution for counterfeit drug testing. Known as PharmaDefense, it has been deployed at a pharma company that does not want to be named at this time.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimates that the global pharmaceutical counterfeit market is worth between $65 and $200 billion each year. As a result of consumers being put at risk by introducing potentially dangerous or ineffective drugs into the marketplace, pharma companies are investing in laboratory testing programs that sample drugs from pharmacies, police investigations, and customer complaints to minimize this risk. Even so, InVita argues, laboratory information management systems (LIMS) are not created to capture all the necessary data and maintain a complete digital record of the chain of custody to build legally defensible cases against counterfeit drug manufacturing and distribution.

The use of this branded cloud-hosted application, adds the company, is expected to help businesses with building legally defensible cases, supporting discovery requests, and sharing data across all testing laboratories worldwide to identify illegal manufacturers.

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