IQVIA Unveils New Labeling Solution


Platform is expected to streamline the label management process.

Illustration of a detailed view of a computer motherboard with labeled components created with Generative AI technology. Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/Indstock

IQVIA is launching IQVIA RIM Smart Labeling, a labeling solution for the life sciences industry that provides an intelligence-driven approach global label management. Through this solution, life sciences companies can consolidate regulatory label planning, tracking and execution systems, and workflows into one streamlined process.

Specifically, the company notes, its branded product simplifies, automates, and streamlines the global management of label changes by:

  • Orchestrating workflow from change request through implementation
  • Utilizing regulatory intelligence for implementation of global and country-specific labels, information translations and artwork
  • Facilitating structured content management to ensure consistency and accuracy of core and regional labels
  • Integrating reporting and dashboards to provide end-to-end visibility of the global label management process

Rather than using disparate systems, RIM Smart Labeling consolidates the activities into a single platform. It facilitates the proactive monitoring of global label changes through real-time workflow tracking, supporting regulatory compliance and centralizing notifications, alerts, and tasks.

“IQVIA RIM Smart Labeling empowers organizations to streamline and standardize global label management across an increasingly intricate regulatory environment,” comments Joe Rymsza, VP, global safety, regulatory and quality technology solutions at IQVIA. “With this solution, life sciences companies can focus on reducing label management costs and complexity while heightening compliance operations across geographies and stakeholders.”

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