Lexalytics unveils new partnerships centered on medical affairs


Agreements to focus on driving adoption of AI and natural language processing for medical affairs programs

Lexalytics, which specializes in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), has joined forces with True North Solutions and Glasshouse Health to help medical affairs teams better apply up-to-date AI and natural language processing (NLP) technologies and approaches. The goal is to improve insights, efficiencies and patient outcomes. True North and Glasshouse have a solid presence in the pharma and healthcare industries in the US and European markets, respectively, and will be teaming up with Lexalytics to help customers understand how applied AI and ML can solve real-world business problems.

According to Lexalytics, off-the-shelf technology solutions tend to be poorly suited to tackle medical affairs needs in insight generation, automation, compliance review, educational gap assessment, congress and publication planning and digital innovation capacities. To that end, the three companies are partnering to help med affairs functions further recognize how to apply AI and NLP to address the noted issues, along with other med affairs responsibilities.

Lexalytics has built AI and NLP solutions for various pharma and biotech companies, including Avenir, AlternativesPharma and Biogen.

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