Logistics4Pharma Unveils Dry Shipper with -196°C Storage Capabilities


The first commercial shipments are scheduled for mid-April.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/ID_Anuphon.com

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/ID_Anuphon.com

Logistics4Pharma, a pharmaceutical cold chain packaging, storage, warehousing, and logistics provider that will be exhibiting at this month’s LogiPharma Europe, is growing its services offering at its Kelsterbach, Germany plant by welcoming dry shippers into the fold.1

Dry shippers—also known as cryoshippers—are thermal containers with an inlay that absorbs liquid nitrogen (LIN) to cool its contents to ultracold levels of up to -196°C (-321°F). These in particular will make their debut at Frankfurt Airport, as the first commercial shipments are scheduled for mid-April.

“By expanding our shipment capabilities to -196°C, we can now meet biopharma customer needs, enhancing Frankfurt Airport’s status as a major logistics hub for highly-sensitive complex pharmaceutical compounds,” said Julius von Pfeil, Logistics4Pharma’s head of supply chain & finance.

The move is part of an effort to supplement the company’s current cold chain solutions, as now, the covered temperature range is much greater, while running as warm as +25°C (77°F).

Over the past couple of years, Logistics4Pharma has been in the headlines after revealing that it had relocated to a larger bonded warehouse in Kelsterbach, while also announcing an investment2 in ultra-deep-freeze warehousing for temperatures as low as -80°C; it also introduced its good distribution practice-compliant bonded warehouse services.3 The company's temperature thresholds have certainly improved since then.

“With our bonded status, international customers are no longer compelled to immediately nationalize pharmaceutical shipments intended for European markets and can do so only after their products are sold to specific customers. Our proximity to Frankfurt Airport also contributes to reducing the environmental footprint of airfreight shipments” noted von Pfeil, “Where needed, we can assist our customers without third-party agent brokers, eliminating the risk of sharing sensitive customer data such as invoices with external parties and streamlining operations by having a single point of contact overseeing all imports, incoming goods, and storage processes up to the final dispatch.”


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