Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Drug Co. Expands to Offer J&J Brand-Name Medications


Cost Plus Drug Co. adds J&J's Janssen medications to its offerings, increasing affordability for diabetes patients.

Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Drug Co. has expanded its offerings to include brand-name medications from J&J subsidiary Janssen. The online wholesaler now sells three Janssen products, Invokana, Invokamet, and Invokamet XR, at significantly reduced prices compared to market rates.

Invokana, a highly effective medication for Type 2 diabetes, typically comes with a hefty price tag of over $675, as stated on Cost Plus Drugs' website. However, with Cuban's enterprise entering the scene, one can now access this vital treatment for a significantly reduced cost of just $243.90.

"This arrangement with Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company is another example of how we [at Janssen] are supporting patient access to needed medicines especially for cash paying patients who are uninsured, or who are underinsured because of cost-shifting by commercial payers." a Janssen spokesperson stated in an emailed statement to The Street. "We have long-standing, strong relationships with all stakeholders across the healthcare system, including with PBMs, that are integral to our efforts to help us maintain market access for our products.”

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