Marken and SkyCell Link Up to Upgrade Cold Chain Practices

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SkyCell’s 1500X containers are the partnership’s centerpiece.

Marken, a UPS subsidiary that handles logistics from clinical to commercial, is branding the SkyCell pallet containers as its new Monarch shipping service, for air and ground freight. The Monarch service includes the 1500X, introduced by SkyCell last year, and the 1500DF Euro Max. The former is rated for up to 270 hours of service for 2-8°C or 15-25°C service, while the latter is rated to 300 hours for -60 to -80°C service. The companies assert that, with those operating ranges and the breadth of the Marken/UPS network, deliveries are possible anywhere around the world.


SkyCell promotes the concept of “hybrid” cold-chain container technology: neither “active” (powered refrigeration) nor “passive” (cold packs plus high-performance insulation). Through a crystalline silicon-carbon material integrated into the container walls, the container is said to be “self-recharging” when kept in a refrigerated storage space. Internal capacity ranges between 1.54 (1500X) and 1.18 cubic meters (1500DF).

“This collaboration empowers SkyCell to leverage its cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions within the vital domain of clinical trials, further facilitating the secure distribution of sensitive and valuable pharmaceutical products,” comments Richard Ettl, SkyCell CEO.