Matica Bio Opens New Texas CGT Facility


Among efforts, part of center’s focus revolves providing tools for product commercialization

Matica Biotechnology, Inc., a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that specializes in the clinical and commercial production of cell and gene therapies, has opened its new 45,000-square-foot facility dedicated to the production of viral vectors and cell-based products used in cell and gene therapies (CGTs), vaccines, oncolytic therapies, and other genetic medicines.

“The key is faster delivery without sacrificing quality or safety,” says Yun Jeong Song, Matica Bio CEO. “Our new facility is designed for rapid development, scale-up and production for clinical supply, but our experienced teams provide quality oversight and regulatory guidance necessary to ensure success. Solely committed to our clients’ commercialization goals, we have the expertise and an advanced, modular system that provides the flexibility to adjust resources required depending on client need and product requirements.”

The CDMO currently has two collaborations at the new facility that are expected to help keep up with accelerated clinical development time frames, production complexities, and demand. The company is working with Sartorius—a lab equipment supplier—to develop and enhance advanced viral vector manufacturing technologies for large-scale vector production. Matica Bio has also partnered with Texas A&M University’s Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing for projects to speed up biotech R&D and commercial manufacturing.

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