Medisafe and Everyday Health introduce digital resource centers


Collaboration focuses on condition-specific support and engagement

Medisafe, a digital therapeutics company with seven million registered users, announced a new initiative with Everyday Health, a resource for patient and provider education, to launch new condition-specific resource centers through the Medisafe platform. With 40% of patients turning to digital resources to help manage their chronic conditions, the new digital resource centers will feature healthcare guidance, condition-specific news coverage and information to support patients managing their condition.

Medisafe's resource centers will span various therapeutic areas, such as heart health, cholesterol, migraines, mental health and several oncology specialties. With Everyday Health, users are able to gather consumer content, updates, education and tips, all of which are within the platform itself. These digital resource centers combine healthcare technology with condition-specific content to help patients during their journey, as they continue to pursue more digitally connected care.

The debut of the new resource centers follows the successful launch of Medisafe’s Covid-19 digital resource this past June. This resource is continuing to report strong engagement from the over 8,500 users who enrolled in the program, receiving counseling on Covid-19 misconceptions, recent updates, safety guidelines and support for patients concerned about the virus.

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