MTM vendor seeks to provide holistic approach to medication adherence


Medication therapy management brings pharmacists more directly into patient care

Pharmaceutical companies spend millions on medication adherence and patient education for their drugs, but they’re not doing enough, according to one vendor in the medication therapy management (MTM) space. OutcomesMTM (West Des Moines, IA) specializes in the design, delivery and administration of MTM programs, which allow pharmacists to consult with patients about their medications.

“Most pharmaco-supported adherence programs are product-centric rather than patient-centric, which is a philosophic variation in the way we view MTM,” says Tom Halterman, CEO of OutcomesMTM. “OutcomesMTM seeks to optimize a patient’s entire drug regimen, and then assure compliance with that regimen regardless of the branded status of one or more particular agents within the regimen. In our company’s view, pharmaco movement to a more patient-centered approach would be advantageous for the healthcare system.”

OutcomesMTM contracts with more than 40 US health plans, including Medicare plan sponsors, commercial plans, employers, Medicaid and other state programs. On the dispensing side, it has over 60,000 chain, independent and health-system pharmacies in its network of providers. Typically, health plans provide funding for pharmacists to spend time with patients reviewing and consulting about their therapies. OutcomesMTM provides the reporting and policy guidance necessary for the reimbursement. While the company does not work directly with pharmaceutical companies, it does administer MTM plans for Pleio Health Support Systems, Inc. (Montreal), which markets adherence programs to pharmaceutical companies.

OutcomesMTM also takes part in the MTM Advisory Board, whose members include pharmacies and health plans. The board meets regularly to discuss and provide direction within the MTM industry. Earlier this month, it called for unified terminology within the industry. According to Halterman, the term “Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM)” has surfaced in healthcare discussions to describe MTM services. The advisory board came out against the term, saying health plans, providers and the public are liable to be confused by the introduction of what they call unnecessary alternative terminology.

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