NanoGuardian one step closer to delivering early-warning anti-counterfeiting system

Pharmaceutical CommercePharmaceutical Commerce - April 2010

Altegrity Risk International named security partner in Closed-Loop Protection Program

Since winning FDA approval for its NanoEncyrption technology almost two years ago, NanoGuardian has been busy assembling a team of security experts for the company’s Closed-Loop Protection Program, which combines on-dose marking for authentication purposes with a proactive pharmacy-auditing program to identify counterfeit or illegally diverted pharmaceuticals in the global supply chain. The newest member is New York-based Altegrity Risk International (ARI), which will serve as security partner.

Last year, NanoGuardian announced that SDI would run the protection program that regularly monitors sample prescriptions filled at randomly selected pharmacies throughout the supply chain or in specific locations where counterfeiting is suspected. The program also targets online pharmacies, which are often sources of counterfeit or illegally diverted prescription drugs.

Programs like these, says Dean Hart, EVP of NanoGuardian, “provide an additional measure of protection and safety while reducing risks to patients, brands and companies.”

As security partner, ARI will be responsible for filling the sample prescriptions and sending them via secured express mail to a NanoGuardian Product Integrity Center, where specialists will authenticate the product and provide forensic-level tracing information.

The authentication technology, NanoEncryption, is applied to drugs during manufacture and provides both overt and covert security features through the use of NanoCodes, which NanoGuardian says can be associated with product, manufacturing, distribution and other information.

Participation in the Closed-Loop Protection Program is available for an additional fee.

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