New company formed focused on pharma patient portal, drug adherence


Merger establishes Perigon Health 360—with aim of introducing "precision digital pharmacy" model

Michigan-based Lifeboost, Inc., which created the vitamin dispensing system known as Tespo, and Pharmacy Valeda Rx (a Vivaleas company serving as an independent specialty pharmacy in Pennsylvania), finalized a merger to form Perigon Health 360, LLC. This new entity will consist of three divisions: Tespo Vitamins, Baritastic and Perigon Pharmacy 360 (formerly known as Valeda Rx). Valeda Rx is licensed to serve all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and is dual accredited with both URAC and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC).

Essentially, Perigon Health 360 is intended to combine technology with high-touch, online pharmacy capabilities to support medical compliance for individuals, and support transparency with their caretakers (spouses, children, parents, etc.), if necessary. With medication non-adherence costs estimated to hit about $300 billion annually in the US, this data will further support payers who are often negatively impacted by growing non-adherence rates. All collaborative data is shared securely and safely among only the relevant parties, executives say.

It also offers a platform for medicine and creates a new category called “precision digital pharmacy.” This patient care platform uses advanced data gathering to close the information loop by monitoring patient’s real-time medication compliance. This will allow for additional collaboration between patients, pharmacists and providers.

At launch, Perigon Health 360 will employ more than 50 people, from the healthcare, pharmacy, and software as a service (SaaS) industries. Its employees will be situated throughout the US, with primary locations in Detroit, Pittsburgh and Orlando. The company expects to hire an additional 25 software engineers, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and nurses over the next year to help support its growth.

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